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With VanillaOS (VanillaUnicorn) you will enjoy the latest AOSP with the latest enhancements !

Open Source

We are open source ! Feel free to look into our latest changes or contribute to our project.



With VanillaOS (VanillaUnicorn) you are going to have an outstanding experience with latest material design and custom VanillaUnicorn artwork. The UI is always changeable to your desires with the integrated Cyanogen ThemeEngine (CMTE). On top you get custom features to make your journey easier and more comfortable !


You can define security with VanillaUnicorn ! Additionaly to SELinux you can define the permissions every app gets granted.


VanillaCoding strives to provide you the maximum of performance your hardware can offer you. This all in a balance with battery life !


Our ROM has no bloat and aims to be clean and simple like AOSP. We can call it light weight. You will enjoy a clean Android experience

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Когда мне приелись все перегруженные оболочки от производителей, я начал искать лёгкие прошивки, которые обеспечивают хорошую скорость и (что особенно актуально в настоящее время) время автономной работы смартфона. Перебрав много разных вариантов, я прошил VU и, надо сказать, был впечатлен. Прошивка очень шустрая, приятный и плавный интерфейс, глюков и жора батарейки замечено не было 🙂 На обычный CM после неё возвращаться даже и не хочется.
Кроме того, очень приятные и всегда приветливые разработчики и  сообщество. Молодцы, так держать!

Евгений Павлов

„If you’re looking for a ROM with every single feature ever invented…this is not it.  If you’re looking for a ROM that is reliable and has USEFUL features…this is it.  A great stable ROM made by a great guy.  VU has been a favorite or mine for quite some time now on multiple different devices.  The Dev is always around on Hangouts and and G+ to answer any questions or concerns and to take feature requests.  Andreas is a fantastic developer with a great taste for what is useful in a ROM.  Speed, reliability and usefulness is what we all need…and VU is there to give it to us.“

James P.
I feel that VanillaUnicorn is one of the smoothest, fastest and most stable ROMs out there at the moment for the Oneplus One. If you are looking for a new ROM to try out, I definitely would advise you to flash and see for yourself how good it is. Also the developer is a really nice guy!
Wesley de Gast

Amazing ROM
Blazing fast.. Buttery smooth… Rock solid
These words are enough to describe my experience of Vanilla Unicron
Just the right amount of features
No unnecessary bloat
Just as I like it
Thanks to the team for this ROM
Cheers !!

Mohit Maheshwari

Je trouve cette rom génial, la plus rapide et la plus fluide, elle redonne du boost pour mon OnePlus 2, j’ai l’impression d’avoir une licorne dans mon smartphone 😉

I find this rom awesome, the fastest and most fluid, it gives the boost to my OnePlus 2, I feel the unicorn in my smartphone 😉

Frédéric B. Frédéric B.
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Vanilla theatre ..

Thank you to everyone who reviewed his used version of our OS ! We really appreciate it and are honored ! @Users, please show them some love <3

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Latest Announcements

Optimizing da shit out

Currently we are optimizing several devices even more. You will notice it in speed, battery life and UI/UX !

Next Build…

The next build is going to include new features and UX/ UI improvements, so stay tuned ! 🙂

Build 4.5 Released

We just released build 4.5 with latest bug fixes and AOSP rev. 24 merged in.

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